Jimmi Buscombe is a professional artist based on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. He specialises in highly detailed portraiture, integrating a range of methods and mediums including pencil, paint and pastel to create stunningly life like representations of his subjects.

Jimmi has been commissioned by clients both locally and internationally to create portraits of beloved pets, family members and wildlife. Each commission holds a rich story, often of great love and sadly in some cases, great loss. Every piece of art work is treated with great consideration and care by Jimmi. During the completion of the art work, Jimmi is frequently in contact with his clients to ensure that the final piece is not only aesthetically true but also celebrates the subject’s personality and energy.

How it works:  Jimmi creates his artworks using photographs as reference. Digital or film photographs are usually supplied by the client, however a photography service is available for locally based clients. Portraits and illustrations can be constructed from a number of photos where needed.  Jimmi will consult with you in the early stages in relation to the style, medium and materials used in your artwork.  

If you have any further queries please use the contact page, he’s always happy to discuss ideas and answer any of your questions.