jimmi buscombe


Gutsy the Wombat

Image of Gutsy the Wombat

Wombat’s energy is grounded, resilient and steadfast. With its powerful claws, wombat can burrow deep within the earth to create a safe and secret haven. He encourages us to dig deep within ourselves when feeling threatened and find a true sense of security and inner sanctum. Only when we are challenged do we truly discover our inner grit, determination and courage, and ultimately what it means to be Gutsy.
This highly detailed artwork of the now famous Warrnambool Wombat Gutsy, is based on the ABC South West viral video "The Accidental Wombat Mural of Warrnambool" which has now had over 55 million views (see website).

The sizes and stock available are: 
560mm x 760mm - 320gsm OBA and acid free archival quality cotton-rag paper
420mm x 594mm - 320gsm OBA and acid free archival quality cotton-rag paper 
450mm x 320mm - FSC Certified heavy 280gsm textured paper

All Prints are supplied unframed, however framing may be available for local clients.
For local pickup in Warrnambool, please use discount code LOCALPICKUP for no postage charge